The PESTS Remember

I was having a conversation with someone who recently had some work done on their car.  This repair was something out of the blue, and it wasn’t something they could put off. The person said to me that they were grateful to God because they received a check in the mail that they forgot was coming, so they were able to get the repairs done, and not take the money from their “budget.”  In that moment I realized – the PESTS remember.

We are creatures of habit, most of us handle life the same way all the time.  We have an inherent way of resolving and processing.  Even though in our minds we think we are doing, and expecting something different to happen.   We approach, process, and resolve the same way – over, and over again.

Because of this ritualistic approach, the PESTS remember how we move, think, and act.  They are waiting for us to approach from the same position, with the same mindset, and with the same course of actions.  So they can jump in and devour what should be a blessing.

What are PESTS?  People, Excuses, Situations, and Things that come to steal, kill, and destroy God’s blessings, and plans.  The enemy uses People, Excuses, Situations, and Things to get us off track, hinder our progress, and prevent us from doing, or enjoying  God’s will, plan, and purpose for us.

In order to throw the PESTS off their game, we need to do three things:

  1. Release – our old thinking, our old ways, our old view.  See our circumstances in real time, and move seeking the Lord for direction.  Matthew 6:33 says Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness.
  2. Refuel – fill up on the word of God so we have strength to overcome every obstacle. We cannot continue to run on empty, we need the word for direction, to fight, and to win.  We are more than conquered through Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:31-39
  3. Reroute – choose a different process.  When we resolve life using the same formula – the PESTS remember.  Go a different way, approach it differently, and the PESTS will be lost and confused.  They remember our old man, but we are now in Christ, therefore we are a NEW CREATION!   2 Corinthians 5:17  Good bye 2017, it’s time to do 2018 a NEW way!